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Kim Garst - 12 DIY Social Media Power Tips Webinar

Fabulous FREE seminar by Kim Garst. Kim has a lot to offer and is on a mission to help others make a difference in their business. This is one of many ways she tries to help with her easy-to-learn Social Media tips.  Enjoy! And don't forget to join her email list - GREAT information and opportunities to grow your business!


The Art of Delegating PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 15 April 2007 02:24
There are few things that can sap profitability and efficiency from any office more than having the wrong people doing the wrong tasks. There is a fine art of learning how to cascade the work down to the least expensive, competent level in order to increase productivity and profitability. It also makes life easier so much easier. The intangible effects of poor delegation can and does also directly impact the bottom line.
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Small Business Brief

Small Business Brief
Fetching the Best Small Business News
  • Short Term Thinking Can Harm Your Business
    The problem with project thinking is it leads you into the trap of continually needing new customers to have a healthy business. It can also mean that you get swamped with work for a time and then nothing, so you need to attract more customers. Sure there will be times when customers just want you do a one off project. However if you change the way you think about your services and how you offer them you could be surprised at the additional solutions you can actually offer your customers.

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    1. Why Marketing Tactics Can Harm Your Business The one thing to understand is not all marketing tactics are equal. It doesn’t matter how much they are talked or written about, some will just not be right for...
    2. Customer Loyalty Programs Bring Long-Term Sales What's a loyal customer worth to you in a year? How about two years, or five, or even longer? Nearly 80 percent of marketers are committed to maintaining or growing...
    3. I Really Do Not Want You as a Customer A lot is written about building customer profiles of those who you want as customers. This of course is an essential part of small business marketing, especially if you want...
  • How to Make a Great How-To Video
    If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video certainly adds a good few more on top of that. One area in which video is invaluable is the “how-to” instructional that takes a diagram, recipe, or list of steps and brings the topic to life. Whether you’re a small business owner and want to demo a product, an artisan wanting to show off your skills, or even a consumer with a passion for sharing knowledge, before you pick up the camcorder, have a read of our top tips.

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    1. Using Viral Video to Boost Sales When it comes to explaining what your company does, video often speaks louder than words. YouTube demos featuring seemingly mundane products such as blenders and mattresses have attracted hundreds of...
    2. Godfather of Video Blogging Tells All in New Book: Get Seen Essentially, Get Seen is a comprehensive field guide for how to produce, upload, distribute and publicize online video content. For businesses using the social Web to grow, it's particularly useful,...
    3. The 5 Qualities that Make Sales People Great! Ever wonder what makes sales people great? There is a terrific book that I don’t think very many people know about. It’s called How to Hire and Develop Your Next...
  • Merchants Push Sales Through Social Media
    After learning how to market themselves through tweets and status updates, some small companies are taking the next step: selling directly to consumers via social-networking sites. Merchants on Facebook and MySpace are adding e-commerce stores to their fan pages, hoping users will scan lists of for-sale items and services—such as floral bouquets, hand-crafted jewelry and spa treatments—and click a button to add them to online shopping carts.

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    1. How to Target Social Media Influencers to Boost Traffic and Sales We’ve seen on several marketing programs that the percent of incremental unique visitors to a site from shared links more than doubled when the names of the top sharers where...
    2. Use Shopping Sites to Boost Traffic Did you know that customers viewing results on a shopping search engine are TWICE as likely to convert into a sale? Shopping search engines — like and —...
    3. Facebook: From Marketing Channel to Point of Sale With Shopping Apps Facebook is set to allow developers to create shopping apps directly on merchants’ fan pages. This means that fan pages, which were once mainly marketing channels, can now be used...


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